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About Acufloor

We are tiling professionals, a large commercial tile contractor in North Texas (DFW). Our project history includes the AT&T (Cowboys) Stadium, American Airlines Center, various corporate headquarters, shopping malls, hospitals, and many more.

42 years of trends were revealing that larger tiles and smaller joints were becoming a huge problem even for highly skilled installers to minimize lippage, much less eliminate it. Making things worse, skilled labor shortages were becoming more and more of a reality. The only tools we saw in the market supposedly addressing these issues fell short, either being unnecessarily complex, inefficient, too costly, or all of the above. It was obvious all of this needed to be solved.

Our mission was to create something better, something faster and more efficient, something simpler by design, something easier use, something that more accurately applied tiling best practices, and something much less expensive to use per square foot. It made sense for us to create products that we would buy for our own installers.

Mission accomplished. We created products that meet all of the criteria we felt were so vital; better, simpler design, faster and more efficient, easier to understand and use, accurate for best practices, and much less expensive to use per square foot. So simple that even beginners and “DIY’ers” can install beautiful tile floors.


A simple leveling system that saves time and money while producing a superior job.
An innovative solution developed by actual installers, for installers.

Leveling Spacers™ • Bubble Spacers™ • Window Wedges™ • Leveling Spacers Select™ • Honeycomb Spacers™





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Clint & Josh Bunch
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