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Leveling Spacers® SELECT

Leveling Spacers® Select are the affable little brother of the original Leveling Spacers® Pro.

As the market for leveling clips matured, we kept hearing people say they wanted to buy in bulk. When buying Leveling Spacers® in bulk, people naturally want to save money. This is when we put our heads together and redesigned the original Leveling Spacers® Pro to create the new Leveling Spacers® Select.

We made the Select footer flat instead of curved, and the clip overall slightly smaller to reduce the plastic and give us a way to pass savings along to you. The flat bottom piece allows you to easily level tiles of the same thickness. (If you have material that is ungauged and different thicknesses you will want to go with the original Leveling Spacers® Pro and the curved bottom footer which accommodates different thicknesses of tile.)

Do not let the smaller stature of the Leveling Spacers® Select fool you, this little guy is just as strong (some say stronger) than its bigger brother. Nearly 80% of the self-leveling spacers that leave our warehouse are the Leveling Spacers® Select.

No need to re-purchase wedges.  The same wedges are used for both Leveling Spacers® Pro and Leveling Spacers® Select.