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Original Leveling Spacers® PRO

Leveling Spacers® Pro was our initial answer to improving upon every other tile leveling system on the market. Big tiles require more than regular tile spacers, they require a leveling system to achieve outstanding results and eliminate tile lippage.

Tile lippage control is essential to avoid those unwanted “kickers” associated with bowed tiles, or less than perfect installation. This is why internet searches will find many tile lippage system “solutions”.

What became clear to us is that they were all created by people who had not spent their lives installing tile. After using every other system, we said “these are too expensive, and they really slow us down.” Time is money.

To achieve ultimate lippage control we needed to create a system that combined the tile spacers and levelers into one piece, and be able to give the user the ability to place the tile leveling system in the corner of the installation instead of set back from the corner like every other system requires.

All other tile leveling spacers fall short in the footer design. They are all some version of solid plastic base which prevents them from being used in the corner. Why? It is because they will displace the thinset and compromise the integrity of the installation.

Our patented footer is shaped like I-I which allows for direct contact between the tile, thinset, and sub-floor, ensuring a strong bond.

If you want the best tile leveler around, look no further than Acufloor.

*** Leveling Spacers® Pro is recommended specifically for tiles of different thicknesses such as natural slate and other stone. For installations with tiles of the same thickness, we recommend Leveling Spacers® Select. ***