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Original Leveling Spacers® PRO

Other systems use complicated and awkward tools, often don’t have spacing built into their leveling clips, and require you to use 3-4 times more pieces per tile intersection. Leveling Spacers® patented “footer” design, creates the only system on the market that can be used in the intersecting corners, and still give you direct “tile to mortar to sub-floor contact”. Other systems require 3-4 pieces per corner, making them much more expensive per square foot and far slower to install. This simple three step system is fast and easy to use for both professionals and DIYers.

The original Leveling Spacers® Pro, in the packages of 50 pieces, feature a unique curved bottom that allows you to level and create flush finished surfaces with tiles of different thickness such as an ungauged stone, or when combining thinner accent tiles with thicker field tiles in the same plane.

These features make Leveling Spacers® 30-40% less expensive per sq foot than the next cheapest system on the market and more than twice as fast to install. Choose what the professionals prefer…Leveling Spacers®.


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